Empowering lives on both sides of the ocean

November 13, 2017 by Diana Coombs

Can one life impact another life so profoundly that each person is forever changed, even if an ocean lies between them?

This kind of transformation happened to DiAnne and Melissa Drachand through their relationship with a group of children at the Ilula Children’s Home in Kenya.

DiAnne first met her sponsor child Benson and his brothers in the Children’s Home, Vincent, Hillary, Gabriel and Joshua in 2005 when she traveled to Kenya with ELI. The five boys had been in the Children’s Home for a year, and they completely won DiAnne’s heart. After returning to the US, DiAnne kept up with the boys, tracking with them as they grew. She saved their letters and drawings in a special file, and prayed for them and their futures.

 DiAnne returned to Kenya with her daughter Melissa in 2010 and again in 2013. Both years were big transition years for the boys in the Children’s Home, and DiAnne and Melissa got to be there to support them and encourage them. In 2010, the boys were moving away to boarding school and in 2013 they were graduating and heading off to college. DiAnne and Melissa became like a mother and older sister to the boys, and the relationship across an ocean grew.


This August, one of the boys, Vincent (now 22 and in college) came to the US to share with ELI friends and supporters about his experience growing up in the Children’s Home. He paid a special visit to DiAnne and Melissa, and the love and joy shared between them was evident.Vincent gave them his heartfelt appreciation, and Melissa and DiAnne shared about how they were also affected, and their spiritual lives deepened by the relationship with Vincent and his brothers even though they were halfway across the world.

This is the kind of all encompassing transformation that truly empowers lives. Lives in Africa and lives in the US. Whether you are a child sponsor, or involved in another ministry area, our prayer is that your life will be deeply impacted as your love and care in turn impacts another life. Thank you for being a part of the journey!


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