360 Virtual Reality videos

 Welcome to the ELI Virtual reality 360 video area!

STEP INTO AFRICA USING YOUR LAPTOP OR CELL PHONE and take a look around 360 degrees!

Here’s how:

WITH YOUR COMPUTER:  Simply visit the ELI YOUTUBE CHANNEL and when watching a video with 360 in the title use your mouse to LOOK AROUND 360 degrees! See the lower right gear icon (settings) choose a higher quality (HD) resolution such as 1080s or 1440s for a clear view.


  1. Download the YOUTUBE APP to your cell phone.
  2. Go to the ELI VR 360 Youtube Channel and choose a video to watch.
  3. As you view the video – move your phone in different directions because YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE of the action!
  4. If the quality is not clear click the SETTINGS gear ICON in the lower right area and choose a higher quality (HD) resolution such as 1080s or 1440s.
Virtual Reality Glasses makes it an even MORE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE!
In the lower right hand corner simply press this iconand the video image will split so you can view, listen, and look around using your VR glasses!