A Friendly Debate

June 21, 2013 by Diana Coombs

IL debate

Our Ilula Children’s Home director, Laban, was phoned by another local Children’s Home in Kitale. They wanted to visit our Children’s Home and organize a debate with some of the children from each home. The topic to be debated would be, “Secondary School (High School) is the only way to success”. The Kitale Children’s Home wanted to encourage the children to attend high school but also recognize that there are other alternatives to high school since not all of the children will make the necessary grades.

As the children from each home gave their supporting arguments for the debate, it was clear that the children from our home were more bold and confident. They took their time giving their supporting arguments and were confident in what they said. What makes them like this?

Our children are raised to be friendly, bold, confident, mature and responsible men and women. They are used to speaking freely as they practice this at church or when they go on missions trips and share their testimonies. As we study the Word of God with them and be the love of Christ towards them, they grow in confidence of their identities in Jesus. Thus, our children grow more confident in who they are because they know WHOSE they are – daughters and sons of God.

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