A Relaxing Day Trip

April 17, 2013 by Diana Coombs

Linus (security), Benja (security), Reuben (kitchen), Abraham (kitchen), Aaron (herdsman) and Mr. & Mrs. Kemei (house parents) enjoy their time away.


A little time away can refresh and strengthen a person. This is what our house parents and Kipkaren Children’s Home staff experienced when they took a day trip to the Uganda border where they were able to spend time together as a team, enjoy a new environment, browse the local shops and take time to pray. The ladies enjoyed their time as they found nice clothes, handbags and shoes at affordable prices.

Our director of the Kipkaren Children’s Home and ELI Kenya Board of Directors saw the importance of taking care of our staff members’ well-beings and decided a nice, relaxing day trip would be a good reprieve. Our staff decided on a location by the border of Uganda and off they went to enjoy new scenery and receive appreciation for all their hard work in raising 200 plus children. They had a great time and were so thankful for their time away.

Never forgetting the children back home, the parents brought home some snacks to the children for them to enjoy.


Jeniffer (secretary), Eliza (cook) and Rebecca (assistant parent) shopping in the local stores

Jeniffer (secretary), Eliza (kitchen) and Rebecca (assistant parent) shopping in the local stores

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