ELI focuses on providing accessible and appropriate knowledge – delivered in a cost-effective and appropriate manner – which holds the greatest amount of long-term economic and relational impact among the needy.

“We hunger for ideas like a person underwater hungers for oxygen!” says Peter Maru, Kipkaren Training & Development Center Director.

It is this genuine hunger for ideas, rather than handouts, that motivates us all the more to do whatever it takes to see that these friends living under such humble, difficult conditions be empowered with ideas, training and resources that can help break the cycle of poverty as well as introduce them to the God who cares for the poor and told us to do so as well (1 John 3:17-18).

In 1994, Empowering Lives International was formed, and from that time forward ELI has focused on integrating God’s Word with ideas and practical, strategic trainings that equip the needy to make important strides toward God and away from the chokehold of poverty.

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