At Empowering Lives International, good stewardship is a foundational value that we hold to in every area of our ministry.

Our combined resources, infused with God’s love and direction, can change the course of a person’s destiny and make a significant difference in the cause you care about the most.

We recognize that every investment given to ELI whether it be financial, time or another valued investment is given to see lives empowered. We hold this trust with great care and desire to do everything we can to reach the greatest amount of people, in the least amount of time, requiring the least amount of resources with the greatest amount of measurable results.

We recognize that your gifts are part of God’s resources, and we consider our management of all funds to be a great responsibility. We carefully monitor resources and review programs and costs, always looking for ways to maximize impact on needy lives. We strive to keep our overhead as low as possible (less than 15 percent), which has earned the trust and support of thousands of people over years of work in Africa.

It takes a dynamic team of friends and family to gain the ground God is calling us to take for His glory. Your financial support, personal involvement and prayerful encouragement enable us to reach and teach words of life and to demonstrate love in action among the hurting and lost.

We celebrate the evidence of changed lives as we provide creative training to help the poor receive the skills they need to become self-sustaining, to care for orphans and vulnerable children, to establish strategic businesses and programs that restore dignity and value to people’s lives from the inside out. Empowerment is happening today in the villages and cities of Africa where ELI serves, and we invite you to join the growing team of partners who empower this important life-changing mission.

Mission Statement

To empower the poor and oppressed so that they may be able to know, worship and serve God without hindrance and to motivate and involve others worldwide in this same mission.

Board of Directors

Kris Baxter – Chairman
Ed Westbrook – Secretary                                                                                                                                                                               Joe Stevick – Treasurer

Daniel Belko – Member
Don Rogers – Member
Ron Higgins – Member
Ron Messenger – Member
Gary Enniss – Member

2015 Financials

Total end of year revenue: $1,514,782
Total expenses: $1,585,053



*Please note that we undergo an extensive IRS Review each year that is completed around September or October. If you would like a copy of our 990, please contact our office at 909-931-1311.

For over 30 years, ECFA has provided accreditation to leading Christian nonprofit organizations. With the highest of standards in governance, financial management and stewardship, ECFA-accredited organizations provide donors with the tangible assurance that their contributions are being handled with the highest levels of integrity.

All organizations undergo a rigorous application and review process, and upon approval, will continue with annual reviews of financial and stewardship practices. As of 2012, ELI has officially become an ECFA-accredited organization.