Guiding Principles

To empower the poor with knowledge, confidence and measurable growth that impacts their spiritual and economic life so that they become an example that others will be drawn to imitate and surpass.

The impact of the program multiplies as the learners become the teachers. Our staff are passionate people primarily from the countries where we serve who feel a life calling to empower those who are suffering. Nationals form the core of the knowledge base and lead the charge of instruction and care to their own people. Nationals navigate cultural issues with greater ease and effectiveness. Together, we have developed strategic avenues and styles where dynamic, practical training reaches the hearts, hands and homes of those who need it the most.

Because the causes of poverty vary, our approach adjusts to the need and opportunity. Whether the training takes place at one of our five training centers or through our dynamic and always expanding field farmer strategy, our approach remains the same and key principals apply:

Depend on God

Care about all people

Reach the greatest amount of people in the least amount of time, requiring the least amount of resources, with the greatest amount of measurable results

Avoid handouts: Giving things to people can be not only ineffective, but actually detrimental for many reasons

Promote sustainability

Relate and teach with passion

Be relevant, reliable and responsible

Celebrate small successes

Promise low, deliver high

Motivate by results, not by promises

Make heroes out of the people, not ourselves