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I am so thankful for the desire and opportunity to serve in East Africa with Empowering Lives. I first came to Kenya in August 2011 for a youth camp. During this trip, I realized the hunger of the Kenyan people for the Gospel. I had instant love and respect for the people, and a strong desire to see the vision of ELI fulfilled.

Last year, I returned for 8 months to Eldoret living across the dirt road from Illula Children’s Home. God used me in more ways than I imagined. My role is to help ELI with its projects to reach more self-sustainability: building beehives, selling ELITE storage bags, fish ponds, water wells, etc. These projects will produce income for ELI, while giving the poor practical ways to increase their income. Please pray I can make the most of this opportunity, as I know many would love to take my place. Nothing I do is through my own strength, but only by allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me.

My goal to raise $10,000 will cover my flights, room and board, and ministry costs for my 1-year commitment. Anything beyond will be used to directly support the ELI projects. Please visit my blog to read more about my time in Kenya 

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