Ilula Children’s Home

The first of two of our Children’s Homes in Kenya was opened in 2004 and welcomed 91 orphans from the surrounding communities. This unique home has been constructed in the style of a family village and is situated next to our Skills for Life Training Center where we provide special training and opportunities for people to learn skills that will help break the cycle of poverty.

We rejoice at the transformation these children have undergone since first arriving at our Children’s Homes. Once sick, hopeless, scared, and alone, these children are now healthy, thriving, energetic, and full of the joy of the Lord. We welcomed in 13 new children in 2012 and have sent 9 children to college. What a privilege it is to be a part of restoring hope in these precious children’s lives. Sponsorship provides a child with a loving family, home, education, food, clothing, healthcare and spiritual growth.


  1. View a list of children and the amount needed.
  2. Once you click on a child’s photo, it will send you to the Giving Page
  3. Choose “Orphans and Vulnerable Children”.
  4. Select the Children’s Home your child is a part of.
  5. Type “New Sponsor” and your Child’s ID# in the Comments section.

Full Sponsorship:

Monthly Amount: $140 per month

Partial Sponsorship: (you share the cost with 1-3 co-sponsors)

Monthly Amount: $105, $70 or $35 per month


Need to make a donation towards your sponsored child?

Visit our Giving Page

Choose “Orphans and Vulnerable Children”.

Select the Children’s Home your child is a part of.

Enter your Child’s ID# in the Comments section.


Send a note via our online form or post mail

Ilula Children’s Home

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