Kipkaren Children’s Home

This is the second home we built for orphans in Kenya in 2006. Currently we care for 117 children orphaned mainly because of HIV/AIDS related illnesses. Modeled after our first Children’s Home in Ilula, Kenya, we placed each child into a family that consists of parents, 12 brothers and 12 sisters.

No longer considered orphans, these children are welcomed into a family and are adopted into a loving home where they can grow holistically. Not only are their daily needs met, but they are receiving a good education, being prepared for the future and learning about God’s love for them. Sponsorship provides a child with a loving family, home, education, food, clothing, healthcare and spiritual growth.


  1. View a list of children and the amount needed.
  2. Once you click on a child’s photo, it will send you to the Giving Page
  3. Choose “Orphans and Vulnerable Children”.
  4. Select the Children’s Home your child is a part of.
  5. Type “New Sponsor” and your Child’s ID# in the Comments section.

Full Sponsorship:

Monthly Amount: $140 per month

Partial Sponsorship: (you share the cost with 1-3 co-sponsors)

Monthly Amount: $105, $70 or $35 per month


Need to make a donation towards your sponsored child?

Visit our Giving Page

Choose “Orphans and Vulnerable Children”.

Select the Children’s Home your child is a part of.

Enter your Child’s ID# in the Comments section.


Send a note via our online form or post mail



Kipkaren Children’s Home

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