South Sudan: Educate a Community

It takes a village to raise a child, and so it takes many people to raise an entire community. Support our school in South Sudan so we can educate 350 students in the village of Kolmarek, South Sudan and in turn empower an entire community. $30/month pays for 3 children to attend school where they will receive opportunities to escape poverty through education. In turn, educating children will educate the community. These children take what they have learned back home and teach their families. Receiving an education also increases their future earning potential by 10-20% thus helping their future and their future family. Worldwide it is proven that education helps break the cycle of poverty within generations as children learn about hygiene and how to better take care of themselves, girls learn about motherhood and other life skills are learned.

Your sponsorship connects you with all of the children in our school and not just one. We want all of the children to know they are special and not single out specific students.


Want to help? Sponsor the children for $30/month!

Giving options:

$30/month sponsors 3 students
$60/month sponsors 6 students
$500/month sponsors a class of 50 students


Your sponsorship helps provide for 350 children:

Supplies: textbooks, notebooks, pencils and pens
Study aids: tutoring for students and training and educational workshops for teachers
Basic healthcare
Spiritual development: learn about Jesus in a loving and Christ centered environment


What you receive as a sponsor:

Photo of one of the classes in the school
Quarterly updates on ELI ministries


Benefits of giving monthly

A regular and steady flow of resources allows us to plan ahead and meet the needs of the school on a monthly and annual basis.
Your donations, along with other generous givers will be pooled together to maximize impact and help strengthen our school and in turn, the community.

 FAQs on Sponsorship

Currently sponsor a class? Make a donation or recurring gift!


South Sudan: Educate a Community

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