Stopping Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a wide-spread problem in East Africa, destroying many lives and families. ELI is fighting back with an effective Anti-Alcohol (AA) program in the villages of Kenya.

Empowerment does not have a ‘one size fits all’ playbook to follow.  Some individuals only need a little knowledge to begin to break the cycle of poverty…that is easily provided through one of our many trainings.  But for other people, the task is much more complicated…they must first become sober.

Young people who should be in their prime are often found in a drunken stupor sleeping on roadsides and ditches. Men who “lead” their homes are taking any money gained and using it to fuel their own addictions. ELI’s AA (Anti Alcohol) program is a powerful Christian rehabilitation program that is truly making a difference.  Today over 1,000 people have come out of their addiction and are finding new freedom and purpose in life. They are contributing members of the society and many have found Christ as their true higher power.

ELI’s rehab sessions $600 per person and is two months long, not including the numerous follow-up visits by our dedicated staff.

Stopping Alcoholism

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