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Over the past four years, Empowering Lives International has helped over 800 men and women change their course in life 180 degrees – turning away from the darkness of illicit alcohol brewing and into the light of Jesus through education that promotes healthy small businesses.

The 180 combines life-changing skills and time-tested trainings with the message of hope. You’re invited to join a community of dedicated partners who contribute to sustainable transformation in East Africa.

Partners in Transformation

Become a 180 Partner and you will get to come along on this journey in a unique and intimate way.

Receive special updates on the progress of the program and the lives transformed throughout the year.

Follow the program with training dates, village names and the history of how these men and women became involved with The 180.

Join the Movement

We need your help to continue these trainings. $90 is all that it takes to make a week of training possible for one person!

The Breakdown – Your Gift:

$15 = 1 Day of Training

$75 = 1 Full Week of Training

$90 = 1 Full Training + Follow-Up

Giving monthly is our greatest need. With just $15 a month, we can train 2 more people each year!


You can make a world of difference in the lives of the marginalized. Become a partner today in this proven program to help turn lives around 180 degrees toward a bright and sustainable future through the message, healing, and grace of Jesus!

Click the RED “Donate Now” ICON and select a Monthly or One Time Gift.

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