Chigger Outreach

August 21, 2012 by admin

Patients line up outside waiting their turn for chigger treatment

In recent months I’ve been hearing stories about a slum about twenty minutes from Kipkaren where people are struggling with major health problems. We decided that we needed to learn more, and in July launched a house-to-house survey. It quickly became evident that one of the problems families were facing was chiggers. Chiggers are bugs that burrow into the tissue of the feet and then basically wreak havoc. They cause pain, itching, and infections. Due to the environment (bare-feet, unsanitary living conditions) they are not easy to treat. You can’t just smear on some medication and wait for them to fall off.  They actually eat their way through the patient’s feet. Removal requires soaking, needles and often a scalpel.

Upon seeing how great the need was, we decided to launch our first chigger clinic. Patients showed up by the dozens and patiently waited their turn to be treated inside a small mud church. As clinicians we strained to see the lesions using light from the open door and window. Our patients ranged from just 1-year-old, to middle aged adults. We soaked, treated and dressed dozens of feet. Patients were presented with a pair of socks to cover the dressings before discharging from the make-shift clinic.

Overlooking the Neighborhood of the Slum

A Typical Home in this Area

Soaking Feet to Prepare for Treatment

Removing Chiggers

A foot ravaged by chiggers

Removing Chiggers

Working on the children is difficult because you have to hurt in order to heal

As the day progressed, it became apparent that we could not see everyone. We have scheduled another chigger outreach to take place on September 5th.  We would appreciate your prayers as we prepare for this outreach and as we delve deeper into the lives of the people in this community. It is our hope and our prayer that these clinics will be a launching point for further ministry. Pray that we will be the hands and feet of Jesus as we reach out and touch these precious children of His.

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