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March 19, 2012 by admin

Members of Tebesonik AIC Church learn about double dug beds

On Saturday, March 17th a one day seminar was held at the KK Training Center for 19 farmers from Tebesonik AIC Church. This was a church had previously received some on-site training by SACDP teachers at their village in November and January. Today the farmers came to see and do practically what they had been taught earlier.

The visitors were divided into two groups. The men went to the shamba (farm) to learn how to make vertical gardens, apply double digging techniques,  and how to plant kale, cowpeas, spider plants, and tomatoes. The men also learned how to feed and care for dairy cows and how to construct a chicken house for local chickens and layers.

40,000 tree seedlings have been planted by this church member!

On previous visits Isaac Mwebei, SACDP Coordinator, visited farmers to teach them about starting tree nurseries. One of the farmers was so inspired that he began with energy; he now has 40,000 tree seedlings! At this training Isaac explained how to maintain the seedlings. The farmers learned horticulture of crops that are grown in the training center such as passion fruit, sweet pepper, and citrus.

As the men were going round, the women learned how to bake. Dorcas and the assistant teacher, Esther, taught the women how to make cakes, doughnuts and bread. This was successful and the women were very happy for they are able to do this by themselves now.

As an expression of the deepening relationship between ELI and the Tebesonik AIC church the visitors extended their love to the ELI Kipkaren Children’s Home by donating a bag of maize. To be empowered seems to always create a desire to empower others. We are thankful for the blessing of such visitors!

By Dorcas Rutto, ELI Kipkaren Training Center

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