We are committed to providing the highest quality of holistic care for the kids in our Children’s Homes. This means not only providing physical care like food, education and a home, but also looking after the emotional wellbeing of each child.

We began our counseling program in November 2014, and we have seen great results from this new level of care in our Children’s Homes. The program includes group, couple and individual counseling and training throughout the year for all of our children and staff. Career counseling for our graduating kids is also included.

The children and house parents are enjoying improved relationships as a result of the counseling. Individual counseling has given us as an organization invaluable insight into the deeper needs of specific children. Parents are understanding themselves and the children better and, we are able to address the holistic health of each person.

Veronica Busienei, our Child and Staff Care Coordinator, writes

“Counseling has been of great help, especially to our teenagers. I’m testifying that God has changed the lives of our people through counseling.”

We currently are seeking partners to help provide for the counseling of our children and staff this year!

$7,000 covers the yearly cost of counseling for all 231 children as well as our staff.

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