Educating the next generation at Brook of Faith Academy and Samro School

September 28, 2017 by Diana Coombs

A quality education can offer hope for the future in Kenya, but sadly much of the country’s population lacks access to good schools. Paying school fees is a constant challenge, and education is often the first thing to go when a family is struggling.

We want to take a minute to highlight the two elementary schools where all of the ELI kids in Kenya attend Pre-K through the 8th grade. We are very blessed by Brook of Faith Academy and Samro School, and the way they are equipping the next generation in Kenya.

Brook of Faith Academy in Kipkaren and Samro School in Ilula

The children at the Kipkaren and Ilula Children’s Homes wake up every morning, put on their navy blue uniforms, and take a brief walk next door to their school. In Kipkaren, the kids attend Brook of Faith Academy, and in Ilula, they attend Samro School.

The children arrive at the two schools in a few minutes’ time, no small luxury in Kenya where many children have to walk several miles to school each day.

School days

The students spend the day in bilingual studies, learning in both English and Swahili. Stand outside of “Baby Class” (Pre-K) and you will here a chorus of voices reciting “A-A-Apple, B-B-Ball” as the three and four-year-old students practice their first English words. Listen in on an 8th grade lesson and you might wonder how the kids are able to retain all of the information they are learning. 8th grade is a big year in Kenya, as students must take an exit exam that will determine their acceptance and placement in a high school.

Field trips

Both schools take annual class field trips to various places throughout the country. From safari excursions to tours of historic sights, the students are able to leave the classroom and learn in a new environment. They look forward to their field trip all year!


Play is important, and both schools have a set time for games. The students change from their uniforms to bright colored red, yellow and blue track clothes and play games like soccer and volleyball.

It takes a village

It is through the commitment of sponsors that all 244 kids at the Homes are able to receive a quality education beyond high school and into college. We believe that seeing the kids through college will give them the most opportunities to succeed in life outside of the Homes, and builds them into strong leaders for the nation of Kenya.

It really does take a village to raise a child, and we are thankful to the ELI village in both Kenya and the US for the care these kids receive each day. Thank you for being a part of the family!

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