ELI at the Eldoret National Agricultural Show

March 21, 2012 by Diana Coombs

Last week, Empowering Lives Kenya attended the 2012 Eldoret National Agriculture Show.  This is the premiere agricultural exhibition in the Eldoret area.  ELI seized the opportunity to show the community what our organization has to offer.  All the staff worked very hard to prepare for the show.  We set up and decorated the tent, built eye-catching displays, painted posters, created a drip irrigation demonstration plot, brought in tree seedlings for sale, put together an informative brochure, and produced drip irrigation kits to sell.  The star of the show was drip irrigation.  Many farmers are thirsty for drip irrigation materials that can water their plants year-round easily and effectively.  The Kenya anti-alcohol staff also brought a poster which read “alcohol can destroy your crops” that created a lot of discussion!

Over the four days of the show, the team was able to talk with over a thousand people who shuffled through the tent.  God blessed us with a great location – directly on the main walkway and only 3 spaces down from the main gate!  Everyone pitched in to help talk with the attendees.  We had staff from Kipkaren and Ilula – from the children’s home, the Kenya anti-alcohol program, and the training center.  It was a great experience and everyone is looking forward to going back to the show next year!

Written by Stephen Medley, current ELI Intern

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