From drinking at age 10 to sobriety and a thriving business

June 8, 2017 by Diana Coombs

In February, my team and I went on a follow-up visit to meet Sikuku, one of the hundreds of men who has gone through the Kenya Anti-Alcohol Training provided at Empowering LivesInternational. I would like to share with you some of his story.

Drinking from the age of 10

Sikuku’s family used to brew alcohol, and he began drinking at the age of 10. He made it to grade 7 in school, but did not continue because of his addiction to alcohol. Sikuku continued to drink illicit brew until 2007, when alcoholism drove him to madness. He began hallucinating and thought people were chasing him, trying to kill him with machetes. At one point while intoxicated, he jumped down a deep quarry thinking it was shallow. He could have died, but God had big plans for him!

Sober for a decade

Sikuku came in 2007 to a one-month rehabilitation program after being convinced by his friends who had gone through the same program a year before. He showed up drunk. Although he didn’t have any money to pay for the training, nobody asked him about finances and he completed the 12-step program. Sikuku has now been sober for 10 years!

Becoming a businessman

Sikuku started a small business by using a borrowed tractor to plow fields and make deliveries. In 2011, Sikuku opened his own store, called “Umoja (Unity) Workshop”. Along with his wood shop business, Sikuku also owns a large poultry business and leases farms. He puts the money that he is getting from the workshop straight into sustaining the poultry business. Sikuku’s vision and dream is to sell 4,000 hens a year at $10 each.


In the future, Sikuku desires to send others through the Kenya Anti-Alcohol program. It is due to the diligence and passion of the KAA staff, and your partnership, that I got to hear many stories from people like Sikuku who have found freedom in Christ.

Thank you!

Mitchell Kellogg
ELI Ambassador
Empowering Lives International

To learn more about the Kenya Anti-Alcohol program, click here.

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