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January 27, 2012 by Diana Coombs

Recently we asked some of the children in the South Sudan community of Kolmarek how ELI has impacted their lives. Here is what they said:

“Now I have rivers of joy and peace in my heart since I joined ELI South Sudan School. I was a helpless child before but now I can see myself as a nation builder, regardless of having no parents. I will succeed in life.”

– Jacob Jok Matiop, Grade 7

“I want to be a doctor to help the sick people in the future.  My grandmother does fall sick yet we don’t have a doctor nearby to treat her.  My brother was very sick for one week without eating, but I thank God he healed him.  Being a doctor, I would be able to help my family members when I know how drugs are prescribed and dosages.  I would build my own pharmacy.”

– Grace Athieng Kuol Lueth, Grade 4

The orphans and vulnerable children who attend our school have hope and dreams for their futures, despite the hardships they have endured. Attending our school has offered them opportunities that many children never receive.

Sponsorship and generous donations are not only educating children and preparing them for the future, but it is teaching them about the love of Jesus and they in turn are showing others His love. One day, one of our students excitedly returned home after school to her ill grandmother. For several days, this young girls’ grandmother was getting progressively sick. No one knew what was wrong with her health. During school that day, this young girl learned about Jesus who is Healer and who healed many who were sick.

Excited, she returned home that afternoon and shared with her grandmother this great news about Jesus. She then prayed for her grandmother in Jesus’ name. The next day, her grandmother was feeling much better and was well enough to get out of bed and walk to our school to meet our staff and thank them for teaching her granddaughter about Jesus. What a wonderful example of God’s love. And you are a part of sharing God’s love!

Thank you so much for the impact that you are making on these precious children’s lives. You are making the world of a difference in the lives of orphans in South Sudan.

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