G-PA: A Man Who Lives Love

July 18, 2012 by Angela Vincent

On a sunny day almost two years ago, we received an inquiry from a man who wanted to come and volunteer at our ELI office. His name is George, and over the past two years George (or G-pa as we affectionately call him), has left a most beautiful legacy in our office as a man who cares deeply about how God is moving in Africa, but also about the people here in the US, including us ladies in the office.

The first thing we noticed about George was his radiant demeanor. He always walked in with a sparkle in his eye, giving us all hugs, and cheering us on in the work we were doing. Like many Grandpas, he loved to bring us special treats when he came to the office. He would show up with fresh baked pastries from a local bakery, or home-made fudge. To say that he blessed us in an understatement!

Volunteering regularly, George would settle into his desk and begin a myriad of projects for that day, including tasks such as stuffing envelopes to making team manuals for those going to Africa. He worked so cheerfully, even with the most menial of tasks. Being a retired newspaper editor, George was incredible and worked so hard at helping us edit major publications such as our Cultivate magazine. His knowledge, expertise and experience were invaluable to the process.

George became more than just a volunteer at our office, he became family. Soon enough our staff began to meet George’s own children and grandchildren. His grandson came and helped us out in the office, and his daughter and son-in-law invited our staff to have lunch in their home. It became quite apparent that George lives love to all he is around, and that to know George is to love him.

Becoming family for George also meant loving and supporting his brothers and sisters in Africa. George quickly became an advocate for ELI’s children’s homes and currently sponsors Edward in Kipkaren. Most recently when George learned about income-generating projects in Kenya, he wholeheartedly knew he wanted to be a part of a program that would help sustain the children’s homes for years to come. One of those projects, Trees for Life, raises trees for lumber which in turn help sustains the home. A tree is now planted in George’s honor near the children’s home!

Quite simply, we at ELI have been blessed beyond measure to have George in our lives. He continually lives out what he believes and loves everyone that the Lord puts in his path. Late last year George was diagnosed with lymphoma, and had to undergo a severe treatment of chemo therapy. As an answer to our prayers, he came out of the treatments cancer free. However, a few weeks ago the doctors shared with George that he now has cancer in his lungs. While this is incredibly hard news to hear, we want to continue to trust God in the midst of this situation.

Would you, our ELI family, join us as we pray for George? Will you pray peace and comfort for him as he goes through the different procedures to help rid his body of cancer? George has left such a legacy of love and we want to be able to love him back through our prayers. If you have a special encouragement or prayer for George, please email Katie Cook at

Thank you for your prayers!

And George, if you are reading this, we hope you feel incredibly blessed and special. You are loved.

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