Guardians’ Day at the Ilula Children’s Home

December 21, 2011 by Holly

Guardians’ Day is an annual event at the Ilula Children’s Home and greatly anticipated by the children, for it is on this day that they get to see their extended families. Grandmas, aunts, uncles and cousins travel great distances to come and visit our children.  In years past, it was only a one-day event. Now, since the children are older, they get to return home with their families for a two-week Christmas visit.

The time spent with the families is essential, as it gives the children the opportunity to begin building relationships with the various family members and to know and understand the place from which they come. Additionally, it allows the children to secure any inheritance left to them by their deceased parents. In Kenya, children will lose their rights to the land if they do not stay in contact with the extended family. More than anything, we want ensure that these children have a support system in place when they leave the Children’s Home.

For the Ilula parents and staff here at Empowering Lives International, Guardians’ Day is bitter sweet. While joy filled our hearts to see the children embraced by their loved ones, tears filled our eyes as we watched them leave. The Children’s Home is now quiet and seems a different place. We are anxious to see our children again and to hear all their Christmas stories. Until then, please pray for their protection during these two weeks, that God may bring them back safely and with smiles on their beautiful little faces.

– By Jonah Chepsat

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