Healing a broken community through families

July 18, 2017 by Diana Coombs

We’ve said it time and time again. Poverty is complex. The issues behind poverty are complex. The problem of brewing illegal alcohol is complex, and it is our mission to address the whole problem, and not just part of it.

We are doing this in many ways: through follow-ups with brewers who have been through the ELI training, through support groups amongst these former brewers, and through community outreach programs like Give a Child a Chance.

Give a Child a Chance is an event where reformed brewers and their families gather to continue the healing process that has begun in their lives. Hundreds come together to play games, share testimonies, and engage in community building activities.

How does this help the issue of brewing illegal alcohol and the growing problem of alcoholism in Kenya? Our Training Center Manager, Dennis Kiprop, shares:

“You can’t change an entire community by only changing the mom. A community is a collection of families. You change the community by changing the family, and you access the family through that one member.”

The Give a Child a Chance events are whole-family and whole-community events. The goal of Give a Child a Chance is healthy homes that help build a healthy community.

“We want to multiply impact,” says Dennis. “For change to be sustainable, there must be unity. A changed family can change another family. Train a husband, a wife and a child and the three of them together will now show others the new way forward.”

Thank you for being a part of the mission to bring healing to families and communities that have been broken by alcohol. It takes many hands to bring about transformation, and we are grateful for your partnership!


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