Hillary’s Journey

June 22, 2017 by Diana Coombs

Hillary was the very first child brought to the Ilula Children’s Home in 2004 when he was seven years old. There were no relatives who were able to care for Hillary and his siblings when his mother passed away in 2003. They were without hope until they learned about the Children’s Home through Laban and Angelina Rono, the Directors of the Home.

When Hillary arrived at Ilula, he came barefooted with only the clothes on his back. At first he was scared and uncertain of his new environment, but over time it became home, and his foster parents and adopted brothers and sisters became family.

“When Laban, the Director, told me that these are going to be your parents, I heard it like a voice from God. God was saying, ‘Now this is going to be your mother and father.’ And that voice has never stopped. When I think of a mother and father, I always think of them. I still feel that connection.”

Today, Hillary is thriving. He studied journalism and mass media at Kisii University, and is currently working for the government. He visits the Home frequently and stays in contact with the family he has there.

His life has been deeply impacted by Empowering Lives.


We are currently in the process of bringing sixteen new children to the Ilula Children’s Home! Nine are still awaiting sponsors. Help bring these nine remaining kids into the Home where they will be adopted into a forever family just like Hillary. $35 a month will transform the life of a child in need! Click here to learn more about how you can help give a child a home.

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