Home for the Holiday

April 18, 2013 by Diana Coombs

The month of April brings all the children home from boarding school and reunites the Children’s Home. Across the nation, Kenya school systems have breaks during the months of April, August and December. This month, the children are enjoying being all together again. They are spending their time playing, tending to the gardens and baking bread. Please pray for them and our house parents and staff as they spend the month together before all the children return to school in May.

Dickson gardening

Shambas all around! Shamba is the Swahili word for garden. The children in our homes take pride in their beautiful gardens. Always up for posing next to their well-tended gardens, the children display their skill in growing vegetables and fruits that are consumed by the children. This not only provides the children with a healthy diet, but is teaching an important skill that is needed in a farming community.


Our kids love to play! From basketball, soccer, volleyball, netball, to playing on their playground set, these children love to play!


Thanks to the baking expertise of intern, Wynn, the Ilula Children’s Home is baking their own bread instead of purchasing it in town. The bread is bigger and better in quality. They are so thankful to Wynn for empowering them with this skill. Even the older children are becoming bakers and learning the art of baking!


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