Isaiah 58


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Training brewers in alternate occupations is one way that ELI is equipping the poor. Home brewed alcohol is potent and illegal in Kenya, and it deeply affects people’s lives. Many women choose brewing in hopes of providing for their families, but instead find themselves trapped in a cycle that they cannot escape from. Their homes become a brewer’s den for alcoholics to visit at all hours, and their children are endangered and neglected.

Watch the interview with Pius, whose mother Perris was a notorious brewer before coming for training in 2013, and then watch a brief overview of our brewer trainings to learn more about this life changing ministry.

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Watch: interview with Pius, son of reformed brewer



Watch: trainings for brewers overview video



Our Ilula and Kipkaren Children’s Homes are home to over 225 children who were orphaned at a young age. These children were once looking at a future with no family, no education, and no hope. In the Children’s Homes, they are raised in a family unit with a mother, a father, and brothers and sisters. As they are growing up, graduating high school and college, and becoming active members of society, we are seeing the amazing work that God has done in their hearts and in their lives during their time in the Homes. They are becoming agents of change in Kenya, and their testimonies are a light to those around them.

Watch this interview with Hillary Kipngetich, one of the first children who was brought to the Ilula Children’s Home in 2004. He is now a college graduate pursuing a career in journalism. The second interview is with Brian Kibet, one of our Kipkaren Children’s Home graduates who is now in college. Brian has been spending his weekends volunteering at another Children’s Home in the nearby town of Eldoret.

Watch: Interview with Children’s Home College Graduate Kipngetich



Watch: Message from Children’s Home College Student Brian Kibet