Ischara- A lament written by Living Spring youth

September 19, 2012 by Angela Vincent

This summer I had the amazing privilege to share at Living Spring Church in Garden Grove. I told the story of a girl named Ishara, who through a series of hard circumstances, was led to attend the ELI school in the middle of a slum in Bukavu, D.R. Congo. This church youth group not only spent all summer raising incredible resources to partner with our school in Congo, but took it a step further.

They wrote a song.

A lament that tells the story of Ishara, as well as our own culture here in America. It is an incredible reminder of what others go through worldwide, and how our own hearts can be so distracted from what really matters.Below are the powerful lyrics. To listen to the song as you read the lyrics, click here.

Ishara- Lament for the privileged

The rebels came into her village
The Congo’s not a safe place
Slayed her father, raped her mother
Where’s her saving grace?

What to do– they’re coming, they’re coming
I try to hide– they’re coming, they’re  coming
Through fire and smoke, fear and pain
Loved ones lost
No one’s gain

She bears a load 100 pounds
Can’t get the video working today
20 miles each day
God make the weather better today
Sells all the wood for 50 cents
I need this promotion for helping my friends
Gives her life away

Where do we go – we’re coming, we’re coming
Lead us through – we’re coming, we’re coming
All we lost
Will not keep us from finding hope

Ishara’s life was worse than them ghettos
But the lion took her pain and brought her hope, a jewel from Heaven
Is this the same God who saves you and me?
The God we’ve created only saves me, not we
But now we see that you and me, we put God in a manmade shell
just for ourselves
We, the privileged, made God for me
Do we see him as the God of Africa, Asia, and Indonesia
If the scriptures are true they’re true everywhere
Why are we so blind, why are we so foolish
We’re interpreting the Scriptures with our own agenda
God is God, yo everywhere
So open up your ears and let the truth adhere

Where is God? -where are you, where are you
In our world – where are you, where are you
Can the God of here, be the God of there?
God is love – He’s coming, He’s coming
God is all – He’s coming, He’s coming
Turn our hearts
To see your face
Christ, He died – once for all

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