KAA Campaign this Weekend

March 27, 2012 by Angela Vincent

The Empowering Lives Kenya Anti-Alcoholic (KAA) program will be running a campaign in the village Merewet, located in the Moiben Region, on March 30 -31, 2012. The Team has determined that Merewet will be their new target of operation this year, where there is much brewing and alcoholism currently taking place. It is estimated that 25% of this population are alcoholics, ranging in age from 18 to 45.

The village of Merewet is in economic decline, as many in the community are not working or investing their funds into establishing a sustainable living for their families. While there is farming, the yield is extremely poor. Either there is little motivation to learn farming techniques or what money is made is spent feeding their addiction.

The KAA team will set out to help inform this community of the dangers of alcoholism, so that they can make an informed decision on how they want to live the rest of their lives. The team will host crusades, make house-to-house visits and meet with alcoholics in their common drinking places. The campaign will also involve all 14 churches in the area, as well as the village elders (some of whom are alcoholics). The hope is to encourage them to embrace the KAA program and provide support to those people who seek help.

Those who are serious about getting treatment will attend the next KAA Rehabilitation in Kipkaren, which has been expanded into a two-month program. The participants are asked to pay for their housing and treatment. The KAA Team will soon be training the Merewet community to run their own anti-alcoholic program.  Area churches and key village elders will be trained to facilitate a Christian 12 Step Anti-Alcoholic Program for others in the community who want help but will not commit to a 2-month program. These meetings will be held on a weekly basis for those going through the 12 Steps and also for those recovering from alcoholism.

The KAA Team asks for prayer for their counselors during this campaign and for the families struggling with alcoholism in Merewet. They have seen God’s work transform communities like this before and it is their sincere desire to see God’s light and love flow into the heart of this community as well.

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