Kipchiloi Farmer Training

June 25, 2012 by Holly

Last Friday, the Ukweli Training and Development Center in Ilula, Kenya welcomed 27 dairy farmers from the community of Kipchiloi. With the recent rains, the dirt roads here in Kenya have become difficult to travel on by car. The village of Kipchiloi is an hour from the Training Center, so there was concern that this might prevent the group from attending. However, neither rain nor mud could dampen the farmers’ eager spirit to learn new skills.

This particular group of farmers has recently banded together to form a dairy cooperative in order to get a better return for their milk products. They sought the help of the Training Center to further their skills and knowledge in the areas of dairy farming, kitchen garden planting, and drip irrigation. The practical training was well received by the farmers, as many commented that the other workshops they have attended lacked the real-world application. Training Center Manager Dennis Kiprop shared that, “We strive to teach the truth and not add any filler because the truth is what works. Our Training Center has been given the name Ukweli, which means truth, for that very reason.”

Please pray for these dairy farmers as they apply these new skills and strive to improve their cooperative.

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