Kipkaren and Ilula Games Day

September 9, 2011 by Diana Coombs

Mercy from Ilula and Veronica from Kipkaren

The Kipkaren and Ilula Children’s Homes in Kenya gathered for Games Day on August 27. The children looked forward to this day with great eagerness since they hadn’t been together since 2009. The children from Ilula traveled to Kipkaren where they were warmly welcomed by their brothers and sisters. The children shared chai (tea) and boiled maize upon the Ilula children’s arrival. It was a great time for the children to reconnect and share ideas with each other. Friendships were strengthened and the children were encouraged. And, there were sports games!

The friendly game competitions were exciting as the two different children’s homes competed in volleyball, netball, and soccer. All the children played with much skill and passion and there was cheering for hours by those onlooking. In the end, the Ilula children won trophies for girls volleyball, boys volleyball, girls netball and girls soccer. Kipkaren boys won the trophy for the soccer game with a score 3-0. The day was concluded by everyone gathering to thank God in prayer.

Girls volleyball

Girls soccer

Boys soccer

The Ilula and Kipkaren children bond

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