Meet another child in DRC: Munyere Arhalimba Mudosa

January 21, 2013 by Diana Coombs

We’re called to care for orphans and widows; it says that multiple times in the Bible. How do we practically do that? Maybe you don’t know any widows or orphans. One way is through supporting ELI’s school in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Our school educates over 650 children in grades 1-12. Many of these children come from families of widows or are orphans themselves. With the lack of income and resources available to them, they would not be able to attend school and receive a good education if our school did not exist.

About 10% of the children who attend our school are orphans and 12% are children who come from very vulnerable living situations where their families are extremely poor. These children are not able to pay school fees.

Munyere is one of the orphans who attends our school. She is 7 years old and in the second grade. Her father passed away a long time ago and her mother passed away 3 years ago, leaving Munyere and her two siblings orphaned. Munyere and her brother were adopted by an aunt who has 10 other children she takes care of, three of which are also orphans. Her sister was adopted by a Good Samaritan.

With limited resources, Munyere may only receive one meal a day at home. The one consistent meal she receives during the week is at school where we serve porridge that is full of nutrition. The meal is not the only thing Munyere is thankful for. She appreciates being able to attend school and receive a great education, something that would not be possible without donations from many people across the world.

Munyere loves school and has become especially sociable with other children who are in similar situations. She has a heart for the orphans because she knows first-hand what it is like to be an orphan.

When we asked Munyere what she would like to share with those who support her and all the children in her school, she said, “Please remember Jesus’ words that say if you welcome a child you welcome God and make known the Kingdom of God.” Munyere is referencing the verse Luke 9:48. She understands that the least will be the first in the Kingdom of God. Many times we see children as least, but, in fact, they are great in God’s sight. Let us never forget the children, especially those who are orphaned and living in poor conditions.

Thank you for not forgetting these children and remembering Jesus’ words.

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