Meet Genifa Seka

January 19, 2013 by Diana Coombs

Genifa is one of the students in ELI’s school in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). She is 9 years old and is in our first grade class. You may be wondering why she is 9 years old and in the first grade. Well, for many of our students, they start school later in life because their families never had the money to pay school fees. The average cost to attend school in the DRC is $10 per month per student for primary school and $20 for secondary school. It makes it difficult, and even impossible, for children to pay for school when their families can barely earn $1 a day, especially when that $1 needs to stretch to feed, clothe, and care for multiple children in a family.

For Genifa’s family, there are 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. She is the third oldest in her family and one of the 4 children who is able to attend school. Her father was killed by a rebel army, which left her mother to care for the family on her own. Her mother does not earn enough money to pay for all 6 children to go to school, so only 4 of the six attend. The good news is that Genifa is able to attend our school because of sponsors in the USA who donate $30 or more on a monthly basis. $30/month helps pay for 3 children to attend school for a month. This is huge for her mother who earns only $1 a day selling vegetables. Her income of $30 each month would not be able to pay for school fees for all 6 children, let alone for food and for rent. Since ELI offers education at a reduced fee for those who can afford it and a free education for those families that cannot afford it, Genifa and 2 of her other siblings are able to attend our school.

Genifa and her mother are extremely grateful for ELI. Not only is she able to attend school, but she receives a meal of porridge each day which helps give her strength for the day. Sometimes Genifa doesn’t eat at home because her mother cannot afford food on her limited income.

When we asked Genifa what she would like to say to all those who give towards the ELI school, she said, “When I get up daily I remember you and give thanks to the Lord who never forgets his creatures. All you do for us, you do unto the Lord, who will provide.”

Thank you to all who give generously towards the children in our school in DRC. These children would not be receiving an education and hope for a future without your prayers and financial contributions.

Stay tuned for another profile on a child who attends our school…

We are still in need of monthly sponsors for our school in DRC.

$30/month for a year will help 3 children attend school!

CLICK HERE to sponsor children in one of our classes.

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