Meet Mercy Chelimo

October 10, 2013 by Diana Coombs

By, Colleen Costigan, Professional Volunteer


Meet Mercy Chelimo

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I think God must have divinely inspired her mother and father when they selected a name for their daughter. I can’t think of a more fitting name. Mercy’s eyes exude just that, a spirit of mercy and compassion. And if you make eye contact with her or tell her a joke or do something to get her to smile, you will see her face light up the entire room. Chelimo is her Kalenjin tribal name which means “born when taking the cows from being fed”.

Mercy’s mother, Lilian, died of stomach cancer when she was a baby.

Those in the community who knew Mercy’s father, Dominic, say his love for his daughter was undeniable. He was seen with Mercy in his arms every Sunday at church. Dominic died in an automobile accident when Mercy was four years old. He was on a piki-piki (Swahili for motor
bike) when a big truck knocked him from behind. Piki-piki’s are a very common mode of transportation in Kenya but sadly result in many fatal accidents.

Mercy’s face illuminates when she talks about home and her older sister who just had her second child. Mercy is excited to meet her new niece, Sandra, in December when the children go home to visit their guardians and relatives.

Admittedly, Mercy is quiet. But Mercy and I talked about how being quiet is actually a gift from God. It frees us up to be good listeners. God reinforces this idea in James 1:19, which says, “My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”

Mercy says the best part of being at the Children’s Home is her education and her family. I often see her helping out with the younger kids around the Children’s Home and tending to the little ones when they are tired or in need. Mercy’s sincere desire to care for others is evident without her saying a word.

Like Stellah, Mercy will be taking exams on November 12th-15th which will determine her fate for high school. She would love to get into Loreto, a high school that her older sister in the Children’s Home, Sharon, attends. Ultimately, her dream is to become a teacher. Mercy asks for prayers for her education, her guardians at home, her sponsors, and her friends.

Thank you Mercy for your merciful, compassionate, attentive, and sincere heart. You are a blessing to the Kipkaren Children’s Home!

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