Multiplied Impact! Emmy’s Story of Transformation

May 8, 2018 by Don Rogers

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“CHEBIWYO! CRAZY WOMAN!” People would scatter to avoid her and others would beat her openly. Her life was hard even before her husband died. His weekly beatings crushed her self-worth and when he passed on, her brokenness turned to so much anger that she would wander and wail loudly through her village in unending drunkenness. Her five small children suffered from constant neglect and preferred not to see her. They begged her to stop brewing and selling illegal alcohol which had turned their mud home into an illegal brewing den filled daily with dozens of alcoholics.

Peris, a reformed brewer, showed Emmy a door of hope that eventually led her to a week-long ELI training. The transition out of drinking and poverty was not easy for Emmy but her new relationship with God and other Women of Change (Reformed Brewers) helped her step by step until her renewed concern for her own children led her to start a Sunday School outreach! Now she is not only planting food with her new skills but planting a church with her new found friends and love of God.

Last year there were a handful of children who use to walk with her over 5 miles up the mountain to the closest church. Now over 50 children gather near the roadside to hear her lessons. Around a dozen adults are now coming and they often bring corn cobs as a tithe. Emmy was even recently given by election the high honor of being one of the community elders – a person of wisdom and positive influence. People are still amazed at the miracle of change they see in her life, children, and leadership. She is no longer “Chebiwyo!” Today they call her “Mchungaji” which means “Pastor.”

Your gifts and prayers helped make this possible. You are the catalyst in this process to provide life-changing programs to thousands of people who, like Emmy, had lost hope.  Thank you! We celebrate the new life that she has found and invite you to help reach others hoping for the chance to discover New Skills and the love of God.

Your care makes all the difference for people like Emmy.

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