Networking in Turbo

February 12, 2014 by Diana Coombs
Networking in Turbo copy

The people in the photo are Shadrack, Rebekah, Susan, Colleen, Ednah,
Collins and Stanley (child in front)

Connecting the Dots – by Cathy Lessig

For a few years Empowering Lives International has considered the village of Turbo an ‘outreach village’. This means the ministry has been taking slow but deliberate steps to reach out in hopes of bringing the light of Christ to those experiencing spiritual, physical or economic oppression. As our ministry team has spent more time in Turbo we’ve learned more and more about the power of networking. Standing alongside people living in poverty raises multiple, complex issues and it has become clear that one person, or one group can’t begin to minister to all of them.

Health care concerns, high rates of alcohol brewing, addiction and drunkenness, children out of school, lack of employment….hopelessness.

Sounds overwhelming, huh?

This is where something exciting comes into play….NETWORKING!

Today, as ELI volunteer Colleen brought me and some other friends into Susan’s humble home in Turbo I felt excitement within my spirit.  As we gathered to pray for Susan and her family I had a strong impression from the Holy Spirit: “This group is a picture of how He wants to touch this place.” Each person represented different abilities that, through the power of Christ, can begin to tear down some of the oppressive walls this community struggles with. Look how the dots are being connected:

*Colleen – passionate about meeting the needs of the community, experienced in relationship building and compassion, tireless networker and visionary
*Edna – ELI staff person, eager and ready to minister to the hearts of children who lack hope, prepared to introduce them to Jesus through children’s rallies, kids camps, and   Sunday School teacher training.
*Collins – community health worker, concerned about the physical needs of his community, willing to be involved in holistic care
*Susan and her kids – touched by the partnered ministry efforts of Empowering Lives International and Hope Matters International, a great proclaimer of God’s presence in      her life
*Me – experienced in educational and spiritual needs of children, passionate about equipping adults to know how to ‘train up a child’

Can you see how He is beginning to connect the dots?

** Please be in prayer for two different ministry efforts in the coming weeks in Turbo:

*business training seminars offered to local residents willing to commit the month of  February to learn entrepreneurial skills (Feb 3 – 28)
*children’s outreach event on Feb 8th plus future Sunday School teacher training

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