Here is an update as we see miracles of love already happening.

Yesterday we briefly shared the difficult news that a fire destroyed one of the key buildings at the ELI Kipkaren Children’s Home in Kenya, the teenage boys’ launch house (dorm and storage facility). No one was injured thankfully, and since yesterday we have all been blessed beyond words by the outpouring miracles of love, support, prayers, emails, and phone calls from so many of you.

The enemy would love to see us defeated, deflated, and discouraged. But the entire ELI family in Kenya (and the USA) is being buoyed by the amazing love and care that is coming from God through you and so many others. There are so many examples of the Kingdom of God manifesting in the midst of the flames and ashes that we cannot mention them all, but here are a few:

  • * The entire Kipkaren community immediately came to the aid of the children’s home with buckets, hoses, water, bottles . . . anything they had to help fight the blaze and prevent any other structures from catching fire.
  • * The Ilula Children’s Home high school boys (ELI has 2 children’s homes) pled with their ELI parents to be taken to Kipkaren to console, support, and encourage their “other brothers.” Leaders from Ilula answered the call, loaded up the vehicles, and drove 2 hours to Kipkaren where they stayed until 1:30 AM last night talking, praying, consoling, and encouraging the high school boys who lost every single one of their possessions.
  • * The older Kipkaren Children’s Home girls immediately invited the now bedless and roomless boys to take over their newly completed girls’ dorm, while the girls then went to sleep in the smaller cottages with their younger sisters.
  • * During and after the fire the staff, parents, and even a team from America rallied all the children together to begin supporting them: leading Bible studies, singing songs, playing games with the small children and even worshiping God together.
  • * Christian counselors have already been arranged to arrive at the home to help provide another safe place for any of the children to share their hearts and fears.
  • * Several donations have come in to help begin a process of restoration.

There is so much good taking place in the midst of this tragedy, and we also covet your prayers as we begin the restoration of heart, mind, and facility.

The 21 boys who call the launch house “home” lost everything except for the clothing on their backs. Their clothes, school uniforms, school supplies, homework, textbooks, personal items, cherished gifts from sponsors spanning back years and years . . . everything was lost. It is truly devastating. Also, significant amounts of food for the entire children’s home were lost. (One of the storage rooms in the building was filled to the brim with dried corn and beans.) On top of all that, as you can see from the photos, the building itself experienced significant damage. The entire roof collapsed, and we recognize that the restoration process will be significant but possible.

We are so grateful for the love offerings that have already come in, and as we now begin the journey of restoration, we are confident that you, our caring family of friends, will join your prayers and gifts with ours to see these hearts and buildings restored. Pray about being a part of this restoration journey: through prayer, finances, and however God may lead you to be involved. If you have a Bible verse or sentence of encouragement for the ELI Children’s Home family, you can also send that to, and we will be sure to pass it onto the families and staff at the Kipkaren Home. We would also like to call friends and family to set aside a few minutes on Wednesday, August 21st to pray for these children and this situation. Would you join us?

God can and WILL make beauty come from ashes.

Grateful for God’s restoring power and for you,

Don Rogers and the ELI family