Empowering Lives International is committed to respecting your online privacy and security. Our website is designed so that you may navigate through it without providing any personal information involuntarily. If any personal information is given, solely by choice, this information is securely sent directly to our staff and is not used for any other purposes aside from Empowering Lives International business.

There is no personal information sent to our staff without your consent. If you choose to sign up for emails, sponsor a child, request a speaker or submit an online donation, you may be asked to provide your name, mailing and email addresses or credit card information. In order to organize your information and personally tailor your communication desires as the donor, we might also ask for your contact preferences.

Your personal information is used to communicate with you directly regarding donations and to provide information and feedback on our child sponsorship and ministry programs. Credit card numbers are only used for donations to the organization and only by your consent. Your mailing information is used for marketing purposes, specifically our quarterly Cultivate magazine. Email addresses are solely used for email updates from the field, donation receipts and important messages regarding our ministry and organization.

Empowering Lives International may be contacted online, by mail or by direct phone to change or update personal information, contact preferences or giving information. This information is easily accessible online and is visible on all mail correspondence. An unsubscribe option is also available at the bottom of each email.

To change or update your information, please do so via the following:

Online: www.empoweringlives.org (select Stay Informed on the homepage)

Mail: Please send us written consent to update your information to the address below.

Empowering Lives International
PO Box 67
Upland, CA 91785

Phone: 909-931-1311

Personal information is not distributed or used for any other business outside of Empowering Lives International. If, in the case that personal information must be used elsewhere, donor must provide written or verbal consent.

Empowering Lives International has specific security measures in place to protect your privacy and security. Any correspondence made by the donor online is sent through secured email to specific staff members, all residing and working in our USA headquarters in Upland, CA. These emails are only sent to staff and are not accessible by interns, volunteers or other participants in the ministry. All post mail is sent directly to a secured Post Office box with the only available access by the staff in the Upland office.

To view the privacy policy for Blackbaud, our donor database, please visit this link.
To view the privacy policy for our online donation system, please visit this link.