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March 16, 2012 by admin

Every Friday the SACDP students leave the Kipkaren Training Center and go out into various villages to put their lessons into practice. As they near the completion of their second term of study, the students are eager to share the innovative agricultural practices they’ve learned with local farmers.
On March 16th, six teams from the training center ventured out with different tasks ahead of them. Read on for an idea of all the ways these students are impacting communities with practical skills and encouragement:

Mama Edna's students boil banana shoots before planting to prevent disease

Arusei’s Farm
Madam Edna and five students arrived to complete the banana planting they’d begun on a previous visit. Arusei appreciated the help they’ve given. “I’ve never seen banana suckers inserted in hot water before.” Placing banana suckers in hot water before planting destroys the nematodes that hinder banana production. This team also helped to plant a vegetable garden containing kale and cowpeas which will bring a nice income for Arusei in a few months.

The bee hive is almost ready to be hung among the forest trees

Mama Naomi Gets Bee Hives!

SACDP instructor Nashon and six students assisted Mama Naomi to construct three beehives. These were hung in a forested area where bees like to congregate. Mama Naomi was very thankful for this gift. In the past she has been unable to make changes on her farm because of expensive labor costs. Because the students came as volunteers the bee hives are such a great gift. “This project is going to fetch me more income to cover my house expenses. I look forward to selling lots of honey!”

This chicken house will provide protection and health

Joseph’s Chicken Coop

Five SACDP students, along with their teacher Mr. Dan, arrived at Joseph’s home one final time to complete a local chicken house. This will increase egg production because chickens that are fed in a contained area are healthier than those that range for their food. Joseph is delighted that his hens will also be protected from dogs and cats; in the past he lost many chickens to predators but now his chickens have a good home.

"God's Blanket" is doing a good job of providing seedling with moisture

Vertical Gardens for Joan

Six students arrived at Joan’s small farm to inspect the kale they had planted earlier. The vertical gardens are doing well and look like a healthy crop will be harvested in a few weeks. The maize planted using the “Farming God’s Way” technique has begun to germinate. The terraces prepared for napia grass are ready for planting. Joan said, “Now I can plant maize all year long using Farming God’s Way. As long as I have things to use for mulching to create ‘God’s Blanket’ I can create a cool environment to help the growth of my maize!”

Isaac Rutto's students look over the raised beds

Small Space Farming for Stephen
Mr Isaac Rutto brought his five students to Stephen’s farm to demonstrate the power of vertical gardens. Learning about farming in a small space will help him grow kale with an anticipated BIG harvest. The two vegetable beds that the students had planted in a previous visit are almost ready for harvest. Soon Stephen will be eating cowpeas!

A vertical garden constructed by Madam Teresa's students

Jonah Bett Congratulates Students
Madam Teresa and her five students received lots of congratulations from Jonah Bett for all they’ve done on the farm. Construction of a local chicken house, vertical gardens, establishing a nursery for kale seedlings, and banana pruning have helped greatly. All projects were completed well. This farmer was pleased to learn so many new things that he can apply easily, especially in the dry season.

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