Samro Pre-school Graduation

November 15, 2011 by Angela Vincent

Eager to graduate from pre-school, seven children marched to the stage, wearing their navy blue graduation gowns and caps. Before receiving their certificates, they entertained the audience with various songs and poems that encouraged the candidates to value good character and to live successfully. One of the graduates, little Irene, stood before the crowd with hands clasped before her and further encouraged the candidates to have no fear. Moved by her message, cheers and applause immediately filled the air. After that, the graduates’ names were called one-by-one for them to come forward and receive their certificate of completion and a brightly colored tinsel necklace. Parents stood proudly behind their children as the awards were given, presenting them with flowers and words of praise.  The ceremony concluded with a message to the parents to love and invest in their children and to appreciate all the good work that the Samro School had done for their children.

-Prisca Kosgei (Mom at the Ilula Children’s Home)

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