Scouting in Kipkaren

February 22, 2012 by admin

Brook of Faith Scouts lead the parade of scouts from the zone.

Nearly all Scout Associations throughout the world celebrated Founder’s Day or World Thinking Day on February 22nd, in remembrance of Lord Baden-Powell the founder of the Boy Scout movement, and his wife Lady Baden-Powell, the founder of the Girl Guide movement (Girl Scouts in the USA). It is celebrated on February 22nd because that was the date of their births.

In Kipkaren, scouts from throughout the zone gathered at Brook of Faith Academy (ELI primary school). Over ten schools came to show their scouting spirit through marching drills, singing, skits, and dancing. The zonal chairman of Scouting was in attendance, as well as the scout commander for the Chebaiywa area, the District Education Officer, and other guests. In honor of the scouting commitment to the environment and community development ten trees were planted on the Brook of Faith property.

Mr Tanui, BOF teacher, assists scouts in planting trees.

Scouting has been at Brook of Faith Primary since it opened and several boys and girls from the Kipkaren Children’s Home are active scouts. Scouting is a wonderful way to develop leadership skills, experience new activities, and honor God through faith teachings. We are proud to have our boys and girls involved in Scouting!

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