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June 6, 2013 by Angela Vincent

Plant a tree – Empower the future

God has blessed us with a very important opportunity to change not only the environment in a community but to change the futures for needy and suffering lives here in East Africa.  Your care and investment in this project will help in so many ways. The timing is crucial because right now is the rainy season and the absolute best window for us to move into action.

Here is the Problem:  People depend on trees for their main fuel needs in the village.  All cooking is fueled by firewood or charcoal and all construction is done using trees as main posts for roofing, walls, and furniture. Trees are coming down but not being planted. The forests are being destroyed in massive numbers which is having a devastating effect on the environment, animals, weather patterns, and local village economy.  Along with this deforestation there is soil erosion – top soil being washed away which impacts peoples ability to grow food not to mention the dangers of mud slides that this past year killed over a dozen innocent families near the Kerio Valley.
As a growing organization that is reaching more and more people with the message of Christ and key ideas for breaking the cycle of poverty each year – we know that we can reach even MORE if we are able to become increasingly self sustaining financially within the countries where we serve here in Africa.

This project is important to help solve both of these challenges.

We are stepping in faith to plant just over 15,000 trees which in terms of ministry sustainability will bring a net income of over half a million dollars within 8 years from the trees alone.  Then there is the VETIVER GRASS that is being planted between the rows of trees, along the perimeter of the property, and on certain dedicated plots of land. There is the capacity of planting more than 30,000 plants that will multiply by 5,000 % within the first year (One seedling will multiply to become 50). The government and other environmental groups are now recognizing the importance of this special grass for controlling soil erosion (there is no other plant that does this better) and will be looking  to buy the seedlings.  ELI will be on the forefront in the nation in growing vetiver grass seedlings and the positive environmental impact is immeasurable with the added bonus of income from the sales which can reach

This income means that we will be able to reach more than 2,600 MORE families with life changing training every year – year after year or provide full care for more than 50 orphans annually.

The environmental impact is vital and important – The income potential is real and translates to be thousands of changed and empowered lives.

Your gift – given to this project will have a multiplying impact on needy lives and we are grateful for each dollar that is enough to plant and help sustain more than two trees or vetiver grass seedlings.

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