Step-by-Step: Run/Walk to Change Lives

Join us on Saturday, August 29, 2015 to raise awareness and supportfindateam

Get your friends, family, and churches together to run or walk in support of Empowering Lives. By raising awareness and funds, you help make transformation possible!

In Kenya, so many are trapped in the illegal business of alcohol brewing in a desperate effort to support their families. Over 400 of them, along with other struggling pastors and widows, await their chance to change. ELI wants to offer them the opportunity of training to develop their skills, leadership, and understanding of the Gospel. You can make this possible. Start your journey, step-by-step!

Here’s how:

1. Develop your online fundraising account HERE for you and your team.

2. Download the resources at the bottom of this page (Flier, Fact & Story Sheet, Team Leader Ideas, ELI Logo, Promotional Photo, Donation Slips).

3. Make your goals. Will you walk or run? Develop a course or just go through the neighborhood? Who will you invite? When? How much will each of you raise? Set a time and place to meet for the event. Use the Team Leader Ideas sheet to help you decide.

4. Invite your friends. Mobilize them to raise funds as they participate.

5. Lead the event!

Unavailable to run/walk? You can still make a change! To give the gift of training, click here.


Flier | Fact & Story Sheet | Team Leader Ideas | ELI Logo | Promotional Photo |

Donation Slips (For cash and check donations only. Otherwise, donate online!)

Have questions? Email Tori at or call 909.931.1311.