Sustainability in Kipkaren

March 7, 2012 by admin

ELI’s Kipkaren River Training and Development Center strives to become more self-sustaining. A partnership between the training center manager and the Sustainable Agriculture and Community Development Programme (SACDP) Coordinator has sparked a clever idea – hot house tomatoes!

Isaac & Edward in the training center greenhouse with tomato plants

The SACDP students have been learning how to erect community greenhouses, as well as different ways to grow vegetables year round, rather than depending solely upon water from the rains. In an effort to also assist the training center, tomatoes seeds were planted in a join effort to benefit the students with practical learning experience, as well as a financial gain for the training center. Village women commonly use tomatoes for most daily meals so selling tomatoes year round in our area is a great economic plan. We salute Edward, the training center manager, and Isaac, the SACDP coordinator for this great partnership idea!

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