Love in Action


This year, ELI is challenging you to love and care for those in need by participating in Love in Action. Love in Action is a unique two-week experience where participants can choose from three different levels in order to live in solidarity with the rest of the world. This year, we invite you to share in this experience while you journey through the Christmas story.


You can choose to participate in Love in Action as a church, small group, family or individual. We invite you to join the ELI team in participating during the first two weeks of Advent this year (November 25-December 8), or you can choose any other two weeks that work best for your group. There are three suggested levels of participation to choose from, but we highly encourage people to engage at Level 1.

Level 1: Live Like the World

Put sacrificial love into action by entering into solidarity with the majority of the world that lives on $2 per day. We challenge you to spend only $2 per day on food for two weeks and then give the amount you would have spent on food to empower needy families. ELI will equip you with creative recipes and ideas to get started!

Level 2: Share Your World

Every 3.5 seconds today, one of our neighbors in the world will die from hunger or hunger-related causes. We challenge you to calculate how much money you spend on groceries for two weeks and give an equal amount to equip lives in East Africa with the skills they need to feed their families.

Level 3: Share with the World

In light of the reality that the majority of the world lives on $2 per day, we challenge you to love them by giving up $2 each day for two weeks.


All funds raised will provide training in life skills for suffering families stuck in the hopeless cycle of poverty. For every donation of $30, a family will receive training in small business development, agriculture, horticulture and health. The skills they receive through this training will empower them to become self-sustainable and provide for their children and families. As Jesus came into the world to love and empower his people, so we can refocus our hearts this Advent season to give of our time and resources to love and empower those in East Africa.


1. Community

As you learn and sacrifice together as a body, your group will grow in depth and build community through this powerful shared experience. Your community will have a chance to share their experiences on a shared blog or Facebook page and can share recipes, ideas and ways they have been impacted by what God is teaching them.

2. Education

Participants will receive daily scriptures of the Christmas story to meditate on, as well as stories of ELI staff and children for whom you can pray on a daily basis. The Advent experience also has crafts and devotionals to work through as a family. Not only will your community dig deeper into the scriptures, but it will learn more about the people they are sacrificing to help.

3. No reduction in personal or church finances

As you sacrifice your normal eating habits, you will be able to give out of what you save rather than by digging deeper into your pockets or taking from your usual tithe to the church.

To register for Love in Action, fill out the registration form below.

Check out the sidebar on this page to find:

  • Love in Action info packet for churches (as well as one for individuals/families)
  • Media to spread the word (including a poster and LIA logo)
  • Ideas for families with kids (including devotions)
  • Instructions for church leaders
  • Menu ideas
  • Info sheet on breaking the cycle of poverty
  • Kenya statistics

May you be blessed and changed as you seek to put love into action this Advent season!