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Team Trips

We welcome all types of teams (churches, universities, families, etc.) to serve for two to three weeks at any point during the year. Teams of up to eight people have the privilege of living and serving at an ELI training center in one of two villages in Western Kenya.


We currently have internships available for 2017!

Photography Internship

Journalism Internship

Videography Internship

Monitoring & Evaluation Internship

Business Internship

US Based Internship

Internships offer a unique setting for individuals to experience Kenya and gain a new perspective on life by living and serving alongside Kenyans for a short period of time, slightly longer than the typical team trip. Interns can live in Kenya for one to two months, serving primarily in the Children’s Homes and at the training centers.

An internship is a learner-focused experience oriented towards people who desire to venture out into the world and explore ministry opportunities. Internships are generally served during the months of June-August but are not limited to that time period. Applications for internships are accepted at least five months before anticipated service begins.

For additional information, please fill out the Info Request Form below or email us at gotoafrica@empoweringlives.org.

Professional Volunteers (PV)

A professional volunteer is someone who has life and work experience that lends itself towards more focused ministry for an extended period of time (three months or more). From time to time, we have a need for individuals who can fill a special short-term gap in our organization. A PV has a particular skill set that allows them to facilitate, guide or initiate significant activities that bring current ministries to a higher level. PVs come alongside national leaders and career missionaries to help accomplish an identified goal. Areas where PVs might serve include primary healthcare, teaching at an ELI primary or middle school for a term, communications, photography, agricultural instructor and community development and/or appropriate technology projects. Applications for PVs are accepted throughout the year and must be submitted at least six months before anticipated service begins.
For additional information, please fill out the Info Request Form below or email us at gotoafrica@empoweringlives.org.

** We are currently accepting applications for service during 2018.


Short-term Teams, Internships and Professional Volunteers

Please fill out the Info Request Form for more information. Please note that by filling out the request form you are not locking yourself into a trip, rather just requesting more information. Someone from ELI will contact you soon after your submission. Thank you.

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    Teams and interns will be involved in various projects and ministries while at the ELI training center and Children’s Homes. As empowerment is highly valued, ELI encourages teams and interns to work in areas where they are passionate about serving, and use the specific skills God has given them to train and equip local Kenyans. Some of these areas include construction, primary health care, children’s activities, youth camp, agriculture training, pastoral care, and anti-alcohol programs. Please tell us what kinds of skills your team has to offer and/or what areas your team would like to serve. If seeking an internship, please share skills, passions and areas you would like to serve in.
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  • Trip Expectations

    A trip with ELI is more than the three weeks you spend in Africa. It is not for those who want to enjoy the “Africa Experience” and then go back to life as usual in the States. If this is what you’re looking for, we suggest looking for another group to go with. But if you and your church/school are looking for more, if you are willing to go deep, to seek a life of abandoned devotion to Christ, and to allow Him to make your heart beat for the things His heart beats for, then Karibu Sana - Welcome So Much! We want you to know from the start that our expectations of you are high. We will ask a lot from your team - a lot of time, prayer, reading, and commitment. But we really believe that all of this is necessary for this trip to have the impact God wants it to have on both you and the world. Please prayerfully read through our expectations below.

    ELI will send each team member a required reading book to help prepare their hearts and minds for the journey. Each member is expected to prayerfully read through the book and come ready to discuss it at the team training meetings.

    Attend 7 team training meetings and a team retreat before leaving for Africa, as well as a post-trip meeting after returning to the States.

    Learn at least 20 phrases in Swahili before arriving in Africa (ELI will provide these in the team training manuals). Learning the language will help you better integrate into the culture, connect with the people, and show the love of Christ to those you are visiting.

    Pray! During your training time, ELI will send you prayer cards for our African staff so that you can begin praying for them in the months leading up to your trip. We ask you to commit to praying for these people on a weekly basis.

    Come as a servant, ready to lay down your life for those you are serving. This trip is not about you and your comfort. You will be placed in situations that will stretch you and make you feel uncomfortable. Whether it’s eating food you don’t like, working in the hot sun all day, or sharing up front at church, please be ready to sacrifice and jump into anything God calls you to.

    Host a house party once you return from your trip to share the stories of Kenya, the lessons God taught you, and the needs around the world. Challenge and encourage others to get involved in God’s mission to bring hope to a dying world. ELI will send you materials to help you host this party.

    Make a two-year commitment to the ELI family. This can look different for each team member. It can be a two-year financial commitment to support a ministry God puts on your heart during your time in Africa, a commitment to pray weekly for the ministry of ELI and the people of Africa, or any other commitment God leads you to. After spending three weeks with us in Africa, you are now part of our family and we want you to stay connected as a vital family member in the coming months and years.

    Continue to seek God’s specific call on your life to help fulfill His global purpose. Commit to listening to His voice and direction to the specific role you are to play in bringing God’s hope to the lost and suffering. Whether you’re called to be a long term goer, a sender, a giver, an intercessor, a speaker, or a mobilizer, you are called to play your part. Whatever your specific role, commit to living it out in love and obedience once you return to the States.