The 180



Within the past year, ELI has helped over 400 women change their course in life 180 degrees – from the illegal business of brewing alcohol to establishing a self supporting business and new life in Christ. Over 500 people are waiting right now for this same opportunity!

Here’s How You Can Change the World for a Life In Need:

Choose your level of impact:
o TWO LIVES each year can be trained and transformed by an investment of $15 per month.
o Your investment accomplishes: Pre Training Village Visit by ELI staff, One week of Skills For Life Training at our ELI facility (Food – Lodging – In Class and Hands on Training Integrated with God’s Word), Follow-Up Visits, and all administration costs
Number of Lives Empowered

_____ Two Lives $15 / Month
_____ Four Lives $30 / Month
_____ Six Lives $45 / Month
_____ Eight Lives $60 / Month
_____ Ten Lives $75 / Month

Other: # of lives ____ times $15 = $_______ /Month**

Benefits of being a 180 Partner:

* Receive special updates on the progress of the program and lives being transformed.
* Follow the program with training dates, village names, and the history of how these needy lives became involved with the ELI 180 program.
* All gifts to this program are tax deductible.

You can make a world of difference among needy lives. Become a partner today in this unique and proven program and help turn lives around 180 degrees toward a bright and sustainable future!

The 180

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