Together we are empowering women through transformational training!

Over the past five years, Empowering Lives International has helped over 1,350 people in KENYA change their course in life – turning away from the darkness of illicit alcohol brewing towards a new life in an alternate occupation. You can be a part of this exciting movement of change that is happening in Kenya today. This impacts over 6,000 children – giving them a new future.


What is the situation?

Brewing invites alcoholics into the home and creates a chaotic and unsafe household. Children are neglected and sometimes abused. They are even given brew as a meal substitute when no food is available. The majority of brewers are women, and these women are desperate for a way out.

Because the making of this drink is illegal – there is a constant fear of police raids where people are beaten, equipment destroyed, and heavy fines or bribes are demanded. Left indebted with no known alternative, they are driven deeper into brewing, creating increasingly potent blends. Thousands have died recently, and many more consumers have been blinded by the rising ethanol content laced into the homebrew.


Read Pius’s story and watch his testimony (Video below) for insight into how brewing affects the whole family.

The demands of customers prevent women from being able to care for their own families.

Your help brings about change

ELI hosts a week-long training for people who are looking to leave this illegal business. During these trainings, participants are trained in alternate occupations like poultry, agriculture, baking and running a small shop. They are also told about their worth in the eyes of God. They often share with joy that this training gives them change from the inside out!

The brewers we have reached so far are many but there are hundreds more looking for this same change. We need your help to reach hundreds who are hoping for change.

Love In Action

A $90 one time gift provides a life-changing training for one person and covers:

– A pre-training village visit to ensure the right people come to the training.

– The week of training including meals, lodging, facilitators, and materials.

– A village follow-up visit to encourage success spiritually and economically.

A monthly (recurring) gift gives the ministry a steady income so that trainings can take place without delay – helping reach hundreds more each year. 

Your gift will change the course of life for illegal brewers and their families!

If investing by check – please include a note that says “Training” to ELI – PO Box 67, Upland, CA 91785


Download the brewer training brochure:

Download the brewer training brochure: