Inevitable Transformation

September 26, 2013 by Diana Coombs

By Colleen Costigan, Professional Volunteer

Children's Home Welcome

Multiple times over the last year people have asked me what I did last summer in Kenya and then of course what I will be doing in the year ahead.  I usually explain that part of my job will be spending time with the orphans at the Children’s Home in Kipkaren – helping them with English, with homework, and just spending one on one time getting to know them.

I say “I’ll be living with 100 orphans” like its no big deal, as though the word orphan has become a part of my every day vocabulary.

When I catch myself saying orphan so nonchalantly, I’m often shaken back into reality when I see the reaction of those I tell.

You mean they are all orphans?


You mean both of their parents are dead?


You mean they were left abandoned and unattended and didn’t have anyone to take care of them?



I see the look on your face, as you try to process what that means.

How sad.

How tragic.

How devastating.


But sad, tragic, and devastating rarely cross my mind when I step foot on the Children’s Home property.  Instead, I’m overwhelmed by Joy, Hope, and Faith.

How can sadness, tragedy, and devastation be transformed into Joy, Hope, and Faith?


But… not just God.


I believe we need dedicated human beings motivated by their knowledge of God to transform the lives of orphans.

Who are these dedicated human beings?

The Empowering Lives Staff.


My hope over the next few months is to share with you some stories of the children.

What life was like before coming into the Children’s Home.

What happened?

And what life is like now.


In order to soak up the Joy, Hope, and Faith, we must be in touch with the sadness, tragedy, and devastation.

Through God, transformation is not just possible, it is Inevitable.

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