Two chickens and a little training

January 10, 2011 by Don Rogers

Two chickens.

That is all that James Boit owned as he began the year in 2010. And yet, through a powerful ELI training, he was able to use those two chickens to make a profit beyond his wildest imagination. I was amazed as I sat at his home and heard his story.

James was a struggling farmer who heard about an ELI economic training that was coming to his village. He decided to attend. After attending 10 weeks of the training, James had enough training, skills, resources and knowledge to radically alter the course of the year for his family and entire village. He learned a variety of skills throughout the training, but his favorite ones had to do with chickens.

James never thought that his two measly chickens could provide much for his family. Maybe a few eggs throughout the year, but that’s it. After the ELI training, he saw the amazing potential those two birds held. Through the training, James learned what to do with the eggs that were laid. He was to hatch a certain percentage of the eggs, sell a certain percentage and eat a certain percentage of them. Then with the new chickens that hatched, he again was to hatch a certain percentage of their eggs and sell a certain percentage. By keeping careful records of each chicken and managing them well, James’ chicken population began multiplying exponentially.

With the profit he started making from selling the chickens and their eggs, James bought two sheep. Those sheep then began to reproduce, and by the end of the year, he had 13 sheep. He sold eight of them and kept five to continue to reproduce in the new year for him. With the proceeds he made from selling the sheep, James was able to supply seeds and school fees for his entire extended family.

Now, as he begins 2011, he is walking into the new year with 200 chickens, five sheep (two of which are pregnant), plenty of seeds, fertilizer for a crop and sufficient school fees for his children. James and his family look forward to seeing what God has in store as they dream about the profits that will come from beginning a year with 200 chickens instead of only two. If two chickens got them this far, there’s no telling what 200 chickens will do for them.

The Boit family rejoices and thanks God for this miracle in their lives. They want others in the community to learn the same skills they received, so they have turned their home into a demonstration farm where others can come and learn from them and gain skills and knowledge. As I sat in their yard and saw the abundant blessings around them and villagers streaming to their home to receive empowerment, I praised God! What a joy to get to be part of stories like this.

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