Ukweli Chapel Baptism

November 22, 2011 by Angela Vincent

As a pastor and one of the fathers at the children’s home, it was a proud moment for me as we came together early Saturday morning for the baptism of 13 children.  It was day long awaited by the children after many months of baptismal classes, study and prayer. The day had come and with it, many dark clouds and a cold wind. All of us felt the damp chill in the air as we walked 3 kilometers to the place where the baptism was to take place, the Marura River.  I knew the water would be very cold, but I also knew the heart of the children. It wouldn’t matter to them. We finally got to the river and the children and I removed our socks and shoes and I rolled up my pant legs. This was the moment we all had been waiting for, especially for a boy named Derick. This young man has been through many trials, but his heart now belongs to the Lord and his focus is on his walk with the Lord.   I took Derick’s hand as we entered into the icy waters of the river. In front of his peers, I asked him if he believed in Jesus as his Saviour. He looked up at me and smiled, eyes full of happiness, and confidently said, “Yes”. My heart was overjoyed to hear that simple word. Hearing it, I knew what it meant for Derick – it meant eternal life.  A smile quickly appeared on my face and I said, “Then I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in accordance to the Holy Scriptures.” He held my hands tightly and I immersed him slowly into the river. He arose, his face beaming and as I suspected, unaffected by anything other than warm delight he felt in heart.  Tears filled my eyes as I congratulated Derick and applauded this milestone in his young life. I was proud of all our kids; it was a day that will not be forgotten.

– by Jonah Chepsat (Father & Pastor at the Ilula Children’s Home)

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